Galerius Brotherhood

The Galerius Brotherhood is the controlling force of the Decius Empire. They are comprised of, but not limited to, humans, dwarves, and dragonborn. Their rule is unquestioned and they operate with complete autonomy under the guidance of Emperor Gavenius. Presently they are engaged in an ongoing war with the Arethrion Elves of Northern Decius.

Today the Brotherhood, like the Decius Empire, is no more.


The Styrc Isles – Session #10 – While clearing out the Tempest Swarm pirate base on Jagged Isle, the crew of the Sea Word came across this letter addressed to the pirate captain, Kaithor Blacksail, of the Styrc Isles:


In addition to doing the bidding of the Galerius Brotherhood in the Styrc Isles, you need to track down the location of the ancient shipwreck of the Aluredes. It should be east of Geargrind Island, west of Razor Spine Isle, and south of Ston Cay. Look for crescent moon shaped container, most likely in the captain’s quarters.

Bring it back to Decius immediately.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – As the Sea Word arrived in Decius, in the town of Savarius, for the first time they saw the Galerius Brotherhood first hand. The Brotherhood made a public announcement that the capture Arethrion Elves would be executed for treason in the morning when Chancellor Julius Cassius arrived.

Session #13 (3rd Era) – The senior officers took out eight members of the Galerius Brotherhood during the rescue and escape of the Arethrion Elves in Savarius.

Session #14 (3rd Era) – While the Senior Officers of the Sea Word completed the 5th and final round of the King of the Hill Tournament, they witnessed the Galerius Brotherhood defend the Arena against the surprise attack of the Arethrion Elves.

Session #16 (3rd Era) – For the first time the Brotherhood actively worked against the group. As the heroes returned to Scalaycium after dealing with a necrotic corrupted temple nearby, they nearly walked right into an ambush of Brotherhood men led by Chancellor Cassius. The dragonborn leader of this group was here to arrest the group for their involvement in the Arethrion Elves breakout on Savarius. The heroes were successful, killed the Chancellor, made it back to the Sea Word, and was able to sink both of the Brotherhood warships in the bay before fleeing the area.

Galerius Brotherhood

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