General Ilthor

General Ilthor was the right hand man of Emperor Gavenius during the last 35 years of the Decius Empire. He was with him as he was slain by the lich Astriminar which signaled the end of the Third Era.

General Venantius Ilthor was in charge of the Galerius Brotherhood, which included strategy, deployment, recruitment, and training. As the fractured states of Decius came to be, Ilthor returned to capital of Centum Treyopolis to try and prop up the Decius Empire. It was too late to save the entire empire, but Ilthor managed to save the western section of the continent which remain true to the ways and structure of the old Empire.

As the Ilthor Kingdom came to be, General Ilthor was the logical choice to be the first king and he ruled for about 20 years before passing away mysteriously overnight. He was succeeded by his only son, King Venantius Ilthor II, who has ruled for the last 12 years.


Session #21 (3rd Era) – The heroes, while fending off waves of Scourge on the bottom floor, witnessed General Ilthor fight alongside Emperor Gavenius against Astriminar the Lich. General Ilthor was knocked out early in the fight, and was revived after the lich departed with the Emperor’s sword, Last Rites.

General Ilthor

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