Gilliard Wolfclan

Gilliard was the leader of the of the Wolfclan barbarian tribe that eventually settled on Dunbar Island, some 25 years ago. They rampaged across the island, mostly staying out of the affairs of Dunbar Town, except to come in and drink at the Blue Gateway Inn. A few years later, Gilliard went mad, and attacked the town. A militia was formed and Gilliard was killed. His body was given back to his tribe to bury him in the traditions of their people. They never heard from the clan again.


Session #22 (4th Era) – Upon following up on reports of strange noises from a burial mound south of town, Corvus Septum discovered that Gilliard and the rest of his tribe, rose as undead within the mound. Corvus slayed Gilliard the Ghoul and took his magical greatsword with them.

Session #23 (4th Era) – Brenna, the Intelligence Officer, identified the magical greatsword as Greatsword of the Wolf, which gives the wielder bonuses to Perception checks.

Gilliard Wolfclan

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