An elven wizard from one of the Arcane Academy’s on Brind Amor, Glynxidor was one of the Junior officers on the United Pride as it departed from Elon in Year 19 of the Red Comet.


Session #9 (3rd Era) – From what the Sea Word could gather from meeting Elza Crinkletoes from the time that the United Pride was in the Styrc Isles, Glynxidor fell in love with a local in the town of Hillford on the island of Ston Cay. Captain Ravenclaw wrestled with the decision before finally allowing him to stay in Hillford. This decision divided the crew of the United Pride.

Session #10 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word rescued Gwendoline, sister of Ellenthel who fell in love with Glynxidor. She was captured by the Tempest Swarm pirates as she searched for her sister, and kept in their base on Jagged Isle.

Session #11 (3rd Era) – As the Sea Word entered Nightrock they learned that the elven wizard is dead by the hands of the regularly raiding ogres from nearby. They decided to investigate and found that the ogres are coming from the Glynxidor’s mansion about three and a half hours away.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – Glynxidor and the abomination that once was Ellenthel, was found in the basement sanctum in his mansion. Glynxidor, mad with his creation, vowed to show the Senior Officers their love by destroying them, but the crew of the Sea Word would triumph.



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