Grey Fox Tribe

The Grey Fox was one of many human tribes that lived in the Jayt Valley of the Kainin Mountains. As a reclusive bunch, not much is known about them. The avoided conflict with the Doombringer Orcs as well as the oppressive Black Bear Clan but never sought out relations with any of the more social tribes of that time. When the Age of Retreat took place all of the tribes vacated the lands within the Kainin Mountains except for the Grey Fox, who through their nimble and secretive ways, managed to avoid the dangers of that time period.

The only real contact was when the rescued Reshk, former chief of the Red Hawk Tribe. He was badly injured after miraculously surviving an attack from the Doombringer Orcs and nursed back to health. Two members of the Grey Fox brought Reshk to Elon in a wagon, dropped him off, and quickly retreated to the Kainin Mountains. Reshk never spoke much of the Grey Fox, only saying how grateful he was that they saved his life and reunited him with his people.


Session #6 & 7 (2nd Era) – Thanks to a warning from the Grey Fox Tribe, the Council of Elders was able to quickly form the Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.

Grey Fox Tribe

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