Hawk's Perch

The Hawk’s Perch is a lookout located on the northeastern edge of the Attlica Bay. Manned by just a half dozen people at any time, this lookout gazes over the entire bay as well as the lands to the east for potential threats.

Not only do they look out for trouble, the Hawk’s Perch is also there to warn fishing boats (more likely from Leroso than Elon) if they stray too far to the edge of the Attlica Bay where it meets the Great Sea beyond. Those in the Hawk’s Perch hold the agreement they have with the Razortooth Sahuagin in high regard.

Most everyone that works here only does so for a short period of time. The pay is good, but one is very isolated from the rest of his family and friends and there is no real future in this. Most see this as a civic duty for those who do not want to make the lifetime commitment to the Elon Devout.

Those that do their time out there and return to Elon report strange sights from the Great Sea, claiming to see strange creatures and sailing vessels the kind they have never seen before. But the agreement with the Sahuagin prevent them from ever investigating.


Session #2 (2nd Era) – While stationed at Hawk’s Perch, Rand discovered something in the waters of the Great Sea to the northeast of the perch. It would later be investigated and become to be known as the shipwreck.


Hawk's Perch

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