High Druid Ramses

High Druid Ramses is the most powerful man in Elon. He is the leader of the Council of Elders, controls the Spirit of the Hawk faction, and his the highest ranking shaman in all of Elon.

The High Druid was born Blessed like many other shaman, and Ramses honed his skills as well as his relationship with Ao the Spirit of Land. Ramses studied at The Pillar and grew to prominence after that. He rose through the ranks of the shaman and when High Druid Kelm passed away, Ramses was the logical choice to succeed him.

Ramses spends a good deal of his time with the Spirit of the Hawk; a faction of like-minded individuals who have a respect of nature as well as to preserving the old ways of the Red Hawk Tribe.

High Druid Ramses is a thoughtful and caring man. He always has time to sit and talk to anyone that will listen about nature, both on land and at sea. In the past Ramses had always been seen carrying the sacred relic of Elon, the Staff of Kree-e-ar, but since the sneak attack by the Doombringer Orcs and Black Bear Clan when the staff was momentarily stolen, Ramses decided that the Staff was too valuable for him to have on him at all times. Currently it is under guard in the High Druid’s residence in Elon. Now only seen during ceremonies and in times of great need.

Always a worrier, as to be expected given his responsibilities, High Druid Ramses is always on the lookout for information of potential threats. He has given thought to granting more leeway with the Spirit of the Hawks to hunt out problems before that befall Elon.


High Druid Ramses

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