Hilthe Mountain Pillar

The second confirmed pillar in Brind-Amor, this one lies inside the gates of Dhom Kharn-Thorrim, capital of the Hilthe Mountain Dwarves and is under the watchful eyes of the Merchant King. It is heavily guarded at all times and is studied extensively. The Hilthe Mountain Dwarves artifact, the Amulet of the Heavens, came from this pillar, similar to the Staff of Kree-e-ar from the Jayt Valley Pillar.


Session 4 (2nd Era) – The Champions of Elon were surprised to see a second pillar. Some questions were asked about it and eventually, after helping him, the Merchant King agreed to start an exchange program between his people and those of Elon to study each other’s pillar. Scholar Joram was selected to make passage to Elon aboard the Chaytan for that study.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The Galadinthar Elves built one of their four Arcane Universities between the Hilthe Mountain Pillar and the Talenth Forest.

Hilthe Mountain Pillar

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