Hopewell Port

Hopewell Port is a small shipping center for Anavio with great access to the Cobalt River that is not far from the capital of the Alimlar Domain. Hopewell Port sits in southern, and drier area of the Dreq Marsh and boasts a well-maintained cobblestone road from it to the city of Anavio. Thick, sturdy, wooden walls act as a deterrent for denizens of the swamp to attack the village, although many believe that the fair amount of traffic along the road also does the job.

Hopewell is centered nearly completely around the transportation of goods arriving and departing from Anavio, the one exception is an apothecary shop called Engram’s Emporium, which specializes in salves and ointments with ingredients from the swamp.


Session #24 (4th Era) – Corvus Septum arrived here via the cargo ships transporting goods for the Legion of Aqium. Here they saw giants helping the laborers unload and organize the goods brought in. They also saw the lizardfolk of Chief Shuuth spying on the happenings of this town.

Hopewell Port

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