Ilthor Kingdom

Some say the Decius Empire is dead, while others point to the Ilthor Kingdom and say, it is right there. Holding on to the traditions and standards set for by the Emperor, the Ilthor Kingdom is the closest thing to the old empire.

It was started by General Ilthor, who stood next to Emperor Gavenius as he fought Astriminar the Lich at the end of the Third Era. In fact, General Ilthor was the only living survivor of the Emperor’s team. After the fight and as the Empire collapsed and the fractured states of Decius came to be, General Ilthor returned to the capital and tried to carry out the traditions that the Emperor set forth.

The Ilthor Kingdom is divided into four territories, each named after the largest city in each area. Silvium, Scalaycium, Matrica, and of course, Centum Treyopolis.

Today the Kingdom is ruled by King Venantius Ilthor II, son of King Venantius Ilthor I, who was General Ilthor. He has ruled for 12 years and bears a heavy burden to uphold the traditions set forth before him and lead the fight in the Great War against Aqium.


Ilthor Kingdom

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