Jayt Valley

The Jayt Valley cuts through the Kainin Mountains from a point near where the Treagir River flows from the mountains in to the plains, all the way south towards the Aradesh Desert. This fertile and rich valley is home to a number of human tribes, as well as a great amount of wild game for hunting.

The Red Hawk Tribe has been here in the valley for some time, moving frequently as in line with their nomadic heritage. Jayt_Valley.JPG

Session #1 (1st Era) – The Red Hawk tribe, after escaping an attack by the Doombringer Orcs, fled the Jayt Valley for good and settled in the Great Bay. At this time many other tribes fled to other lands in Brind-Amor. On their way out, the Red Hawk Tribe discovered the first of the Pillars found throughout the world.

Session #1.5 (between 1st and 2nd Era) – The former members of the Red Hawk Tribe have a permanent outpost at the location of The Pillar and it is revered as a holy site to the citizens of Elon. Those that are born Enchanted usually come to the Pillar to study its arcane magics.

Jayt Valley

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