Junior Officers

These are the Junior Officers aboard the Sea Word:

Skolk Yurdson – 1st level human barbarian
Gertz Greypaw – 5th level human rogue (played by Blaine)
Abai Nanzold – 4th level human warlock
Orugash the Gallant – 2nd level orc paladin
Xanzin Smallwood – 1st level halfling bard
Turvin Strongrider – 2nd level human cleric
Quozaren – 4th level half-elf rogue
Quinvalur – 5th level elf wizard
Rurik Hillmaster – 1st level dwarf druid
Grildur Stonehands – 2nd level dwarf fighter
Kindroth Mithdaer – 1st level elf ranger
Carl the Monk – 1st level human monk

Session #10 (3rd Era) – Captain Jaffe appointed a handful of the Junior Officers to deal with the rat problem on Ao’s Well (from Miles the Farmer) and they were able to prevail, destroying the darakhul posed at Mason the Farmer, learned about the Ghoul Emperor, and retrieved the Clockwork Beetle.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – With the shakeup to the Senior Officers and Harruq leaving, Quinvalur was promoted to Senior Officers with Gertz Greypaw taking his place.

Session #13 (3rd Era) – during the fight with the Krake Spawn to rescue most of the crew, Gertz Greypaw and Orugash died.

Session #15 (3rd Era) – To the dismay of the crew, Turvin Strongrider was killed during the attack on the Cerioth Hatchery liberation.
To the delight of the crewmen, Carl was promoted to Junior Officer and will be personally trained by Quartermaster Yi in the monk tradition.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – After being gone for nearly four years, the senior officers returned to Geargrind Island and learned the fate of the Junior Officers as well as the Brind Amor Fleet.

•Grildur Stonehands (Dwarf fighter 2)
o Was Quartermaster of Quiet Fury
o Now Captain of the Quiet Fury
o Has left for parts unknown, last was Minos

•Rurik Hillmaster (Dwarf druid 1)
o Was medic of Sea Word
o Remains on the Sea Word as medic

•Quozaren (half-elf rogue 4)
o Was helmsmen of Quiet Fury
o Now helmsmen of Blacksail

•Turvin Strongrider (DEAD)

•Xanzin Smallwood (halfling bard 1)
o Was Master Gunner on Sea Word
o Remains Master Gunner on Sea Word

•Orugash the Gallant (DEAD)

•Carl the Monk (human monk 1)
o Was Boatswain of Quiet Fury
o Now Quartermaster on Blacksail

•Abai Nanzold (human warlock 4)
o Was helmsmen of Sea Word
o Now captain of Sea Word

•Skolk Yurdson (human barbarian 1)
o Was medic of Blacksail
o Now Quartermaster of Quiet Fury

•Kindroth Mithdaer (elf ranger 1)
o Was nothing
o Now captain of the Blacksail

•Clerk Amiel
o Was medic on Sea Word
o Now Quartermaster on Sea Word

•The Bearfolk
o They have relocated to Prewth Island
o They act as a police force for the Master Tinker there, aiding the gnomes at a moment’s notice.
o They have a great relationship with Kimerth

•Dragonborn Kids
o Grown up – one on each ship
 Master Gunner on Quiet Fury
 Master Gunner on Blacksail
 Helmsmen on Sea Word (Bhadaar)

Junior Officers

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