Kavaard Bearfolk

A solitary and small village of Bearfolk that live in the northern part of Decius (but not in Northern Decius).

Now they have been relocated to Prewth Island in the Styrc Isles, thanks to the help from the Sea Word.


Session #16 (3rd Era) – Un’Goro had a vision of seeing a long bearfolk of the Kavaard tribe that was in trouble with the Vine Lord, apparently for stealing a large bee.

Session #17 (3rd Era) – The heroes slew the Vine Lord and rescued a bearfolk named Ulrik and said their clan had been ostracized from another island by the Bear King himself. Two days later, all 8 surviving bearfolk joined the Sea Word.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – The heroes returned to Filbiklink and learned that the bearfolk had resettled on Prewth Island and that they had a good relationship with Kimerth. Later (or earlier) the heroes would travel back in time to help them slay two flame dragons high in the mountains.

Kavaard Bearfolk

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