A young, female, bronze dragon that lived in the Cerioth Pillar Hatchery for her entire life of 50 years. She aided the Aqium Wizards in transforming dragon eggs into Dragonborn soldiers for the Galerius Brotherhood, as her mother, Cerioth did her entire life.


Session #15 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word broke into the hatchery, freeing Kimerth and the dragon eggs, while halting production in the facility for good. Initially, Kimerth was upset with their actions (she did kill one of the junior officers before focusing on protecting the metallic eggs) saying that the Empire will return and kill her. The captain was able to convince her to join them and thanks to Un’Goro they were able to get her out of the mountain. From here they returned to the Sea Word. Kimerth said that the recovered metallic eggs (which mature slower) will still be born as dragons, but she was unsure of the chromatic eggs.

Session 316 (3rd Era) – As the heroes were escaping Scalaycium after a failed ambush attempt by Chancellor Cassius and the Galerius Brotherhood, the Sea Word had to battle two Brotherhood warships in the bay. As times were desperate, Kimerth was asked to help and she did, by disabling the final warship.



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