King Karrig

Karrig Thror descends from a long line of dwarven kings in the region now known as Ramicus. The Dhirnamor Dwarves are a small but fierce band of isolationist dwarves that kept to themselves for centuries in the icy mountains of what was Northern Decius.

Karrig grew up wondering about the world, what lies beyond their mountains, what of the other cultures and peoples. Very few Dhirnamor Dwarves are allowed to explore lands outside of theirs, as the dwarves lived in fear because of their small numbers. What if others discovered our existence and attacked? And because of his lineage, Karriq would never get the opportunity.

When the Emperor died and the Decius Empire became the Fractured States, the now King Karrig Thror took this opportunity for him and his people to enter the world. It was a nerve-racking moment for the Dhirnamor Dwarves, but because the rest of the land was in turmoil, no one paid them much mind and no great invasion against them was launched.

Justicar Aneasar was the first leader to reach out to King Karrig, and the two shared mutual interests. The leader of the Faith of Ao warned the dwarven king about the turmoil in these new fractured states and the two factions formed an alliance. Eventually that alliance led to the formation of a kingdom called the Nosiriath Realm.

The Realm is ruled jointly by Justicar Aneasar and King Karrig and they have settlements in northeastern Decius (mostly the Faith of Ao) as well as southeastern Ramicus (mostly Dhirnamor Dwarves). The two leader focus on matter on their side of the ocean but talk frequently to decide on important state matters.

Because they are equal, they must both agree on issues completely to move forward. For the most part the two leaders negotiate well together and can come to a compromise quickly. However, larger big picture ideals are often at a stalemate. The biggest disagreement is their views on the Great War. Justicar Aneasar believes the Realm must engage Aqium and defend its borders from the invaders where King Karrig feels like this is a war between a far away land (Aqium) and what remains of the Decius Empire (essentially the Ilthor Kingdom) and he does not want to put his people in harms way.


Session #28 (4th Era) – Justicar Aneasar and King Karrig Thror met Corvus Septum as the two leaders of the Nosiriath Realm plotted to retake the city of Arabona from the Legion of Aqium who recently conquered it. At first they were hesitant to help Corvus as they tried to lift the curse of the Robes of the Fallen from Rigel 108, but after an impassionate speech from Triton 714, they gave them their support.

King Karrig

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