King Parados

The “Trade Master” as he was known as during his reign, Pade Parados grew up in the coastal town of Nabuthis (now Qarsid) where life was far away from the ideals and influence of the Empire capital.

While Nabuthis wasn’t a free city, it did provide opportunities for individuals to gain power through trade and other less reputable means. The person best at that was Pade Parados.

Pade converted his father’s fishing boat to a trading vessel, supplying goods down the coast. When he saved up enough money, be bought a second and bigger boat that traveled up the coast. Later, another boat would trade inland via the rivers. Then he added two fishing boats, then a half-dozen wagons. So on and so forth until he owned and ran the largest and most profitable organization in the world: Parados Shipping Company which employed thousands of people.

When Emperor Gavenius died and the Decius Empire fell, the continent was divided up. When Dolaneg got the chance to rule themselves, all eyes turned to Parados. He essentially already ran the land with his trade ventures. It only made sense that he run the entire kingdom.

Within months Pade Parados, son of a fisherman, was anointed King Parados of the Kingdom of Dolaneg. King Parados knew what motivates men; gold. That’s why he pushed for other rival traders to seize the opportunities that were out there. Soon their were dozens of young Pade Parados’s running around Dolaneg, expanding their trade empires and the land flourished.

After things were set domestically, King Parados turned his attentions to bigger things. World trade. Tensions with Aqium eased and soon the King had regular trade route set with their friends to the southeast. From here, King Parados began developing ties with other nations around the world. There was no limit to how far or how fast the nation could grow.

Then it ended. Swiftly and abruptly. Aqium war ships landed in Dolaneg and the merchants, traders, and opportunists of the nation were no match for an organized and well-provisioned army on their doorsteps. Aqium swept through the kingdom in three weeks, taking complete control of every aspect of life in the land, and giving them access to their trade routes and vast mineral resources.

No one knows what happened to King Parados. Some think the business leader might have been able to negotiate his escape from the Aqium Wizards, other say he works for them now, but most believe his is dead.


King Parados

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