King Vicrik

Vicrik Emm ascended to the position of Chancellor of the Galerius Brotherhood, the only dragonborn since Chancellor Cassius to attain such a pivotal position. Because of his stellar military record, he was naturally looked upon to lead the new Alimlar Domain during its formation after the death of Emperor Gavenius as the start of the Fractured States of Decius.

Vicrik excelled in military themed decisions within the Domain, and was able to keep differing factions separated while showing no favoritism. But while those skills learned during his upbringing and schooling at The Citadel helped him in some cases, it worked against him in others. His leadership skills lacked a personal touch when dealing with domestic issues, such as policing the citizens of the Realm, and being inflexible with other state issues.

Everyday life in the Domain started to spiral out of control. The citizens, many of them freed Dragonborn, began to feel like they were right back under the thumb of another Emperor. Vicrik ruled with an iron fist, and while this did cut out a lot of the bureaucracy of other governments, it did turn the Domain down the wrong path on several issues. The Alimlar Domain was founded but a rumble of questions of leadership began.

Seera, a long time supporter of King Vicrik, who helped him as he formed the government, discovered that Vicrik was in collusion with Aqium. This was all the excuse anyone needed, and she led a team of dedicated soldiers into the palace in Anavio and forcibly removed Vicrik from power once and for all.

The citizens rejoiced at the death of the “Dragonborn Dictator” and welcomed in Queen Seera as the new leader of the Domain, but she has had her own problems so far in her own short time as ruler.


King Vicrik

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