Kingdom of Dolaneg

The Kingdom of Dolaneg was a beacon of hope, a new way to govern, and a land of opportunity.

As the Decius Empire crumbled after the death of Emperor Gavenius, Dolaneg seized the opportunity and grew from the fractured states of Decius into a growing power. King Parados was the first, and subsequently, only leader of this nation. A visionary, Parados saw the vast mineral wealth in his lands and capitalized on it. Merchants and other people with desire and hope in their hearts, flocked to this kingdom.

Dolaneg had by far the easiest transition from the days of the Empire. Trade line expanded throughout the world, mines popped up along the countryside, and gold was to be made in one way or another. And when profits started to pour into the country, the country doubled-down. Everyone was riding the wave of prosperity.

That’s why it was so shocking when Aqium invaded. Trade with Aqium had been such a integral part of life for both sides. Dolaneg traded freely with the wizard-dominated country to the southeast, and help facilitate trade partners with them from other regions of the world. But the whole thing was a ruse on Aqium’s part when their first war ships reached the beaches of Dolaneg. The trading/mining nation of Dolaneg was no match for an onslaught of wizards, minotaurs, dwarves, dark elves, and undead. Within three weeks, the Kingdom of Dolaneg was dismantled and Aqium ruled nearly a third of the Decius continent.


Kingdom of Dolaneg

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