Krazinor the Red

A fierce and powerful red dragon of the Legion of Aqium, Krazinor is often on the frontlines of battle during the Great War. Krazinor, unlike most dragons of Aqium, usually attacks with no rider during battle as it makes him more daring and bold.


Session #24 (4th Era) – Krazinor was seen by Corvus Septum as they sailed north along the Cobalt River towards Hopewell Port. Krazinor was flying toward the camp just outside of Anavio.

Session #25 (4th Era) – Corvus Septum again witnessed Krazinor as they road out to defend the Ashilwynn Elves from the lizardfolk. Krazinor defeated Aventilar but was badly injured during the attack and flew off to mend his wounds.

Krazinor the Red

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