Last Rites

A legendary longsword, colored red and black with a white skull on the handle and mystic runes along the blade. It is the weapon of Emperor Gavenius of the Decius Empire.


The Styrc Isles – Session #10 – The crew of the Sea Word first learned of this weapon from a gnomish scholar named Wilhik Rovelcast who lived in Binable on Geargrind Island. This came up in a discussion of Pillar artifacts and Triton 714 was able to point to a drawing of it in the Field Journal he carries.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – Under the guise of an attempt to usher in the Scourge, Astriminar the Lich fooled the Emperor to defend the area. All along the lich’s plan was to obtain the legendary sword. He did and killed the Emperor with it before returning to Aqium. Astriminar now has three of the Seven Artifacts.

Last Rites

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