Leroso was named after an infamous fisherman from the original human people who lived in this area. It is widely know that every fisherman today learned to fish from Leroso, or someone who learned from him.

Years ago the Council of Elders saw a deficiency in fishing the prime areas near the northern edge of the Attlica Bay. Fishing boats would spend so much time travel to and from this spot and back to Elon that they decided to build a small fishing village at the northwestern edge of the bay. Now fishing boats drop off goods there, and after they are processed, a large barge will transport them Elon.

Leroso consists of a dozen small wooden shacks, a dock, and a big open area at the edge of town where fish are gutted and cleaned before sailing back to Elon. It smells awful here to a newcomer, but the locals are quite used to it.

Nothing exciting ever happens here, the daily routine is the same each day. Occasionally a fishing boat will receive a warning from the Hawk’s Perch across the bay when they stray too close to the Great Sea.


Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Not much has changed over the years, Leroso is still the same small fishing village that it has always been,


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