Lord Adriel Chespian

Adriel Chespian is the Lord of the Chespian Estate in Zatha, formerly within the Alimlar Domain. The Chespian noble house gained their wealth and reputation through shipping goods throughout the land, and being the transportation hub for Anavio, the realm capital. The Chespian House has enjoyed influence over matters in the city, but they have been steadily dwindling since the start of the Great War. Now that the Legion of Aqium has taken the city, the Chespian House is just a rich person within the occupied territory.

Adriel is jovial man with dark hair and a large beer belly. His wife Elaina passed away years ago giving birth to her daughter. Adriel is a charismatic person who treats everyone in his employ with respect and honor. He knows the names of everyone in town and makes it a point to ask how they are doing each time he sees them. It is well known that it takes him hours to cross town with all the stops for conversation along the way.

His two children, Todrick and Emily, ages 8 and 6, are just like him as well. Courteous and polite with an enthusiasm for adventure and learning.


Session #23 (4th Era) – Recently Lord Chespian hired a gnome tutor, Terribeth, for his kids on recommendations he had heard around town as their previous tutor moved away. Ethne, working undercover as Terribeth, escaped the city with the kids when Sister Evi ordered Terribeth to take them to the Parlor of Countless Delights for sacrifice. Sister Evi said she would take care of Lord Chespian herself.

Lord Adriel Chespian

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