Lord of the Forest

The Lord of the Forest is an elected office who is the leader of the Ashilwynn Elves and governs the territory that is comprised of Ashilwynn Forest (and only the forest) within the Alimlar Domain.

Long ago the Ashilwynn Elves were run by a ruling family, whose descendants would lead when their time came. This ended when Elora Lightstar, the last of the ruling family, died. The elves were in such turmoil after this that they decided to hold elections and appoint a new leader rather than rely on one family.

The current Lord of the Forest is Elvalur Taranir and he has held this post for nearly one hundred years. He is quiet, compassionate, and friendly to others until he feels he has been taken advantage of or deceived. Then he fury and anger knows no bounds and once someone gets on his bad side, they are never forgiven. Like the members of the Light of Sun and Moon.


Lord of the Forest

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