Medic Officer

You grew up in the Kaavard Bearfolk tribe that was living on the island of Prewth in the Styrc Isles. The crew of the Sea Word helped you resettle here in the previous generation. Before that, your tribe was banished by the Bear King from another island far away. They moved to Decius and were immediately attacked by the Vine Lord. The Sea Word saved them that day.


The Kaavard Bearfolk owe their lives to the senior officers of the Sea Word and they were bound and determined to grow their community on Prewth. They teamed up with Kimerth, a bronze dragon that was once held captive in the Cerioth Hatchery Facility.

As the Bearfolk grew, the older generation started to pass away. Your grandfather, Ulrik whispered a secret to you on his deathbed. The Kavaard Bearfolk were not the first ones banished by the Bear King. The Nanarluq Tribe sailed away years ago for a better life. Ulrik tried to follow the same path, hoping to meet up with the Kavaard’s cousins, but they found Decius instead. “ Ramicus, young Burpuller. They must have made it to Ramicus.”

After your grandfather passed away, you gave a lot of thought about your place in the world. The Kavaard bearfolk preached a tight-knit community, so that they will never be nearly wiped out again. But you grew restless. You have seen all that Prewth Island has to offer. You want to find new fields of berries, explore new lands, maybe find your cousins.

You booked passage for Ramicus and made it as far as the town of Kinrick in northern Decius. You reboarded the ship to set sail for Ramicus when you noticed a commotion at the front of the boat. Sailors and onlookers were pointing to something in the water. You peered over the front of the boat as saw it. Two great white sharks circling the boat.

The sailors were having a good time with it, laughing and tossing food into the water and watching them tear into it. You would see their all white skin leap into the air while their razor-sharp white teeth tore into the meal.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Fuck that. You got off the ship and managed to get all of your money back from the reluctant captain. “I’m not ready for this. Not yet. Maybe one day. Not today.”

You have to admit you were secretly pleased to hear the boat sank the next day, no doubt devoured by those great white sharks.

You were really close to the place where the Kavaard Bearfolk first settled in Decius so you went to go look for it. Your grandfather gave you vivid descriptions of early life here so it wasn’t too hard to find. The giant bees your tribe collected still buzzed around where they had left them, deep in the forest.

There wasn’t much left. The remains of a few huts, a couple broken clay bowls, and that was about it. You were about to leave when something caught your eye. A glint of silver…and bronze.

You dug through the underbrush at it and pulled out a massive two-headed battleaxe. Etched on the handle was, “Ulrik of Kavaard Tribe”.

Your grandfather’s battleaxe. You’ve never been happier.

From here you traveled around, going from town to town. While in Scalaycium, you saw a couple of gnomes from a traveling circus struggle with some boxes. They seemed fed up that the “talent” had to also do the work of “common laborers”. You decided to give them a hand moving stuff and eventually landed a job with The Tumblebyte Circus and Extravaganza.

The owner, Flickton Tumblebyte, tried in vain to get you to join as a performer. Every day he would trot out a tricycle and a silly hat. And every day you would growl and shake your head.

Then one day, the circus traveled to Centum Treyopolis for a big show before heading back to the Styrc Isles. You were ready to leave the circus as you didn’t want to go back home yet. You haven’t done anything except find your grandfather’s axe. Then you saw troops marching down the street. Disciplined, organized, uniform, cohesive. That’s what was missing in your life.

The next day you quit the circus and joined the military. Your life had meaning now. You excelled and were looking forward to battle alongside your comrades. Instead you garnered the attention of Chancellor Gavin. He saw far more potential in you, even more than you did. He wanted you to join an elite strike force he was putting together, to fight in the Great War. You agreed and waited in his office for your first assignment. Hey, isn’t that one of the weird gnomes you helped when you joined the circus?


Medical Officer
Corvus Septum

Operation Zatha

Expect heavy causalities if Corvus fights Aqium head on, less with more covert operations. As expected, Legion Forces will likely include a fair amount of wizards here in Zatha. It is also noted that a fair amount of orcs in this area are shamans.

Medic Officer

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