A small town on a small island just a few hundred yards away from The Citadel which is on the mainland of Decius. The town is basically a service station for the troops of Galerius Brotherhood soldiers there, who takes boats over to the island to relax, unwind, and gamble.


Session #17 (3rd Era) – Quinvalur had finished working on his Ring of Sending and got in contact with Dark Phoenix of The Arisen. They warned The Righteous of a terrible discovery by the Brotherhood. They had recovered an artifact called the Crown of Shadows and had brought it back to The Citadel for research before they handed it over to the Emperor Gavenius. The Arisen tasked the heroes to steal it.

The Arisen had laid out a plan, telling the heroes to meet with their contact in Mevatay, Mayor Nik Netherford. When they did, the Mayor showed them a way in, through a sea cave, but admitted he didn’t known of a way out, but did say, By Ao’s will, hopefully a path will be found.

When the heroes departed The Citadel, they did so on Quiet Fury. They rendezvoused with the Sea Word and the Blacksail just north of Mevatay and formed the Brind Amor Fleet.


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