A noted independent arcane and divine researcher, Morthos has worked all over Decius. He has assisted at the Gren Mastius Shipyards on arcane inspired navigation systems. Morthos has been to Geargrind Island to learn the ways of the gnome tinkers, and has also tried to unravel the mysteries surround the Pillars.

Recently Morthos settled down in the village of Alnerwick , which lies between Arabona and The Citadel, which he hopes to become a focal point of his next research project.


Session #27 (4th Era) – Morthos was captured at home by the Legion of Aqium operating out of the nearby Fort Rifugio, led by Commander Vahlen. As luck would have it (for Morthos) Corvus Septum would have need of his expertise after the incident with Rigel 108 and the Robes of the Fallen. Commander Graves was able to point the group in his direction. Corvus managed to slip into the fort, rescue Morthos, and got him to a safe location. Now they work on a cure for Rigel’s situation.

Session #28 (4th Era) – Morthos, after communicating with Chancellor Gavin, traveled with Corvus to Pella’s Wish to bring Triton 714 to the team. Together they all traveled to Khirn Doral where eventually the curse would be lifted. Morthos currently works on a plan to gather the left over arcane magics from the remains of the Robes of the Fallen to perhaps create a new artifact.


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