Nigrum Ursus

Nigrum Ursus is the biggest town in Brind-Amor and is located alongside the Treagir River, west of the Bay of Mazdaloq’s Folly.

This is where the Black Bear Clan settled after they and many of the other human tribes escaped the wrath of the Doombringer Orcs from the Jayt Valley inside the Kainin Mountains.

Outside of a failed attempt by the Black Bear Clan to steal the holy relic known as the Staff of Kree-e-ar, nothing has been heard of from their ancient enemy of the Red Hawk Tribe. At the time it was feared that the Black Bear Clan was working with the Doomrbringer Orcs as the two attacks were simultaneous.

Nigrum Ursus was first heard about by the Champions of Elon while in the Halfling village of Odenburg when the Tall Mayor rewarded them with a token that would act as a three-day pass to Nigrum Ursus. As the Chaytan circled the northeastern most point of Brind-Amor and discovered the mouth of the Treagir River in the Bay of Mazdaloq’s Folly, they sailed upstream and found Nigrum Ursus (latin for black bear). But with the pass, they should not encounter any hostilities while in town.


Session #3 (2nd Era) – Hundreds of years ago when the Black Bear Clan first arrived, they had to deal with an infestation of Gnolls of the who raided throughout the Medgar Plains. They inhabited the cavern complex beneath the northern hill. The gnolls were no match for the ferocity of sheer numbers of the Black Bear Clan.

The 2nd Era brought about the first visitors from Elon to the city of Nigrum Ursus when the Chaytan sailed up the Treagir River and the Champions of Elon used the token they had received from the Tall Mayor of Odenburg to gain entrance.

The Champions were amazed at the sites of this city, namely the size of the military/guards, easily five times that of Elon. In addition to this the city was well defended with walls around most of the city as well as a walled fort on top of the hill. What could be even more disturbing was the sight of a dozen orcs coming into the city and being escorted to the Fort for unknown purposes.

They were not warmly welcomed as Captain Berend kept a close eye on them, but slowly the Champions gained favor from the stern captain. However, once High Chief Shadak saw the Elonians he ordered them out the city limited immediately, despite the pass they had that was good for three days.

Captain Berend escorted them out and wished the travelers well, saying:

“You have a friend in Nigrum Ursus”


Session #5 (2nd Era) – A few years after the Champions of Elon returned home they learned from the Grey Fox Tribe that the Doombringer Orcs were united and marching towards Nigrum-Ursus seeking revenge on bad deals with the Black Blear Clan before swarming over all of Brind-Amor.

Session #6 & 7 (2nd Era) – When Urzog the Conquerer gathered the Doombringer Orcs to war they set their sites on Nigrum-Ursus for the bad blood they had over the years. The Coalition Forces were assembled and they defeated the orcs as a good portion of the city was ruined.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – As the Brind-Amor Confederacy looked for a new leader, the officials elected Esbjorn Broske of Nigrum-Ursus to fill that role. In Year 1 of the Red Comet, Zurgha the Prevailer once again marched the Doombringer Orcs on to Nigrum-Ursus and once again its the Brind-Amor Confederacy that met the challenge and defeated them.

Nigrum Ursus

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