Northern Decius

The northern of the two main continents of the Decius Empire. It is less habited, only a handful of towns, and the Galerius Brotherhood has less of a stranglehold on it compared to the Decius, or Southern Decius, as the Arethrion Elves have put up strong opposition.


Session #12 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word first learned of this continent from their encounter with Nythsaillaeth Whitestorm as they assisted her in breaking out her Arethrion Elves from a prison in Savarius.

Session #13 (3rd Era) – Before the now freed Arethrion Elves were dropped near Basti, Nyth gave Un’Goro a necklace that would other snow elves would recognize him as a friend if they were ever in Northern Decius.

Transition from 3rd to 4th Era – With the breakup of the Decius Empire, the Arethrion Elves led the charge for independence and sovereignty along with the other fractured states. It wasn’t until Aqium invaded and conquered the Kingdom of Dolaneg, did the other nations formerly recognize Northern Decius to now be referred to Free States of Ramicus (politically) and Ramicus (geographically).

Northern Decius

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