Nosiriath Realm

The Nosiriath Realm, one of the four fractured states of Decius, brought about after the fall of the Decius Empire, is mostly comprised of followers of the Faith of Ao, and the Dhirnamor Dwarves.

The Realm stretches from northeastern section of what was Decius and also includes the southeastern section of Ramicus (formerly Northern Decius). The Realm is ruled jointly by King Karrig Thror of the Dhirnamor Dwarves and Justicar Aneasar of the Faith of Ao. The two leader systems provides an stable and unified front but can sometimes be lacking in proactive decisions as both leaders must be completely onboard with an idea before the realm will act.

Generally Nosiriath remains neutral and isolationists when it comes to the Great War, but the intensity has grown since they shared a fair amount of borders with the former Dolaneg Kingdom, which is now 100% under Aqium control.


Nosiriath Realm

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