Nythsaillaeth Whitestorm

One of many cell leaders of the Arethrion Elves of Northern Decius, “Nyth” has been fighting the oppressors known as the Galerius Brotherhood for some time. This is part of a recent change in ideology, as before the snow elves would defend their lands. Now they take the fight to them.

Recently Nyth’s group was captured as they were on their way to the capital of Centum Treyopolis to act against the Brotherhood. She managed to escape and follow her comrades back to the town of Savarius, where she hopes to free them.


Session #12 (3rd Era) – During the announcement in Savarius to execute the snow elves, Un’Goro twice spotted a cloaked figure watching and observing. Late into the evening, Triton found Nyth on the roof of the Silver Wand Inn and talked to her, learning what she needed to do and how the Galerius Brotherhood has oppressed others, like the dragonborn, and made them serve their cause.

Session #13 (3rd Era) – The breakout and rescue of the Arethrion Elves from the prison is Savarius was a success. One strange moment during the escape was once the group reached the exit from the underground passage. Nyth left a single rowboat there, but when got to it, a second rowboat was there as well. Which would be needed to transport the senior officers who helped in the escape. Once they were back on board the Sea Word, Nyth asked for her and her people to be dropped off near Basti at the mouth of Emperor Bay. Before doing so she gave Un’Goro a necklace so that other Arethrion Elves would recognize him as a friend.

Nythsaillaeth Whitestorm

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