Open Water Agreement

The new Open Water Agreement between the Razortooth Sahuagin and the Council of Elders took place in the 2nd era, after the Tests of Reshk and before the beginning of the Age of Exploration as the Champions of Elon embarked on their voyage.

When the Red Hawk Tribe first settled in the Attlica Bay area they rescued a number of Sahuagin from the control of an evil sea hag. In thanks for their freedom the Sahuagin gave control of the bay over to the new settlers but asked that the sea outside of the bay (The Great Sea) remain off-limits. This agreement stood for over 200 years.

The agreement came to an end at Baron Sekolah’s insistence. The timing of this was strange as it happened within years of him allowing the Champions of Elon a single pass outside of the bay for a secret mission. Years later Baron Sekolah approached the Council of Elders and was surprisingly joyous and said that he would welcome the Elonians into the Great Sea as this was a day of celebration in honor of the centuries old agreement.

This Open Water Agreement came at a time after the discovery of the Shipwreck and it encouraged the Elonians to explore their world. Shortly after this agreement construction began on the Chaytan and just a couple of years later the Age of Exploration begain.

Open Water Agreement

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