Operation Goliath

A plan device by Emperor Gavenius to reach the Cave of the Ancients before a team of Aqium Wizards could. The Emperor wanted to add the Mountain Kinsmen (Goliaths) to his arsenal in the two-pronged war he was waging against The Scourge and Aqium. He had tasked Commander Graves with this mission.


Session #17 (3rd Era) – The heroes learned of this operation when Clerk Amiel mistook Tetsu-ko as Commander Graves while they infiltrated The Citadel to steal the Crown of Shadows.

Session #18 (3rd Era) – Essentially the heroes (in a way) took over this mission and as they reached the Cave of the Ancients, they saw that the Arch Mage was already there and teleported away with the body of the Snow Queen. The heroes would follow the Arch Mage through the portal back to Aqium and a trap he had set for them in the Temple of Apshai. When the Arch Mage absorbed the essence of the Snow Queen, he ascended to a more powerful form known as the Ur Mage. The goliaths would later be freed and allowed to govern themselves.

Operation Goliath

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