Operations Officer

You grew up in Mittlewin on the north side of Geargrind Island. The gnome ring master that saw potential in you two is Flickton Tumblebyte and he runs a circus called the Tumblebyte Circus and Extravaganza that tours the Styrc Isles mostly but does occasionally make the long journey to Decius. While there in Scalaycium, a friendly bearfolk named Burpuller (MF) joined the circus to help move and carry stuff. Flickton repeatedly tried to get him to join as a performer, but he was having none of it.

On your more recent trip to Decius you performed in Centum Treyopolis to a packed house. After the show a gentlemen by the name of Chancellor Gavin spoke to the three of you. Or the two of you. He thought your talents were being wasted in the circus, that your calling what much more important and that your destiny was that of heroes. You shrugged, Evaine nodded, and Eleanor nodded.

The next day Gavin had you enrolled in the Training Camp for new soldiers in the capital. The three of you, well two of you really struggled. This physical stuff wasn’t in your wheelhouse. Where is that damn bearfolk to pick up our heavy stuff? But you thrived in mental toughness and determination. In every drill you did the three of you were either first or last, nothing in between.

After a couple of weeks of that Gavin pulled you out of the course, late one night. He had a secret mission for you, but just you. A decision had to be made right then and there and you reluctantly agreed, but only if Eleanor stayed with Evaine. Which was funny because Evaine insisted that Eleanor went with you to watch your back. Before daybreak, you were gone.


You said your goodbyes to Evaine, and grabbed your gear. Minutes later Chancellor Gavin was explaining your mission as the two of you walked down to the docks late in the evening.

Gavin has heard rumblings of an organization called the Red Sisters. While they are not associated with the Great War, they do pose a serious threat. Rumors have them as faction of vampires that are silently spreading throughout the continent of Decius. Some of Gavin’s men has captured a known member of their organization, a gnome by the name of Terribeth. You are to go Dunbar Town and meet with Stath Cloudhelm who will get you situated. You will be posing as Terribth and continuing on her journey to Zatha. The Red Sisters will be expecting you and you will have an opportunity to get inside this organization and learn its operations.

You stop dead in your tracks, your eyes wide open, “That sounds dangerous.”

Gavin nods, “It is, but I have people in Zatha who will be watching over you. A local courier, by the name of Hendrick Zin, will be your primary point of contact.”

Gavin puts his hand on your shoulder and smiles, “You’re going to do great!”

You stepped aboard the ship and set sail from Centum Treyopolis, two days later you reached Dunbar Town. Stath met you on the docks and filled you in.

Stath had pulled Terribth from a ship docked in Dunbar Town before it departed for Zatha. He had her arrested and thrown in jail under the charges of murder. The local jailer is easily confused so he didn’t ask for a lot of evidence, or any for that matter. He was told to hold onto her for now.

Stath led you down to the jail where to see the person you would be posing as. Terribeth was asleep, but you could still sense the evil in her. Stath assured you that the Red Sisters don’t know anything about her, just that she is a gnome and is expected in Zatha soon. Stath pulled out a wicked looking dagger from the desk, “This was on her possession, if you want it.”

The dual blade reeks of foul and demonic spirits. The pommel depicts a female vampire, fanged mouth opened in a scream. A hidden compartment within the handle stores drawn blood.


You drop it onto the desk and it falls with a long clank. “Fuck that.”

Stath sweeps it back into the desk drawer.

Later that night you were on another ship bound for Zatha, just a few hours away from Dunbar Island. It was a Tempest Swarm ship called The Nightingale and the captain is a kenku named Cimris. Stath remained behind for a secret and upcoming invasion. Alliance Forces plan to swoop in and take the island from the handful of Aqium solider here. You were shocked to hear you were actually behind enemy lines.

“I’ve found that all six of them have a fondness for rum,” said Stath, “and I keep bringing them more.”

Your heart raced as your ship pulled into the docks of Zatha. Cimris said the Nightingale had other business nearby and wouldn’t be far away if needed. Sister Evi stoically greeted you as you debarked and escorted you straight to the estate of Lord Adriel Chespian. You passed some Aqium guards on the way, Evi pointed them out, “New regime, same results.” It is a sprawling estate that sits atop a hill that overlooks the city and the docks below. Lord Chespian apparently is actually more of a noble house than a real leader, especially while the city is now under Aqium control.

Maids and servants scurry about in their daily chores. Then you hear a booming voice from behind you.

“I say, Lady Terribth? Is that you?” Evi mutters a curse under her breath.

You turn and stand before a jovial man with dark hair and a large beer belly. “Well good day to you, Terribth, and hello Evi, such a fine day isn’t it?”

Evi smirks and nods, “Yes, m’lord.”

Lord Chespian extends his meaty hand to you, “I’ve heard such wonderful things about you, Lady Terribth, and we are delighted to have you tutor our children. So wonderful.”

Evi stares at you, knowing you don’t know your assignment yet and praying you play along.

“Yes, my lord, I’m looking forward to meeting them.”

Lord Chespian gave you a big hug and welcomed you to the family, all the while Evi sneered at him. After you settled in to your room Evi abruptly started to walk out the door.

“Wait! What am I supposed to do?”

Evi looks back at you blankly, “Gain their trust.”

And that was it.

For the next two weeks you tutored Emily (age 6) and Todrick (age 8) in all sorts of fields. You expected two snot-nosed, spoiled, entitled rich kids, but instead you got two well-mannered and courteous kids. They paid attention, asked questions, and learned from you. At the end of each session they cheerfully hugged you and called you, “Auntie Beth”. No doubt they take after their father.

While in town you met your Corvus Septum contact, Hendrick Zin. He seems like a nice fellow, and reminds you of some of the actors you worked with in the circus. You told him what little you knew. He gave you a way to contact him in case of emergency. A dead drop location, his cabin in the woods.

A week later Evi motioned you over to where she was working in the kitchen. “It’s time” she murmured under her breath while whacking away at some meat with a sharp cleaver.

“Uh, time for what?”

Without even looking your way, the cleaver strikes down on the meat in a loud and deliberate fashion, “Take the kids down to the Parlor. For the sacrifice. To drain them of their precious blood.”

You gasped as the cleaver strikes again. The Parlor of Countless Delights is a brothel here in Zatha

“The kids?” You ask.

“Yes.” Stated Evi matter-of-factly, “I’ll take care of Lord Chespian.

“Auntie Beth!!!”

Still stunned you don’t turn around before you are mobbed by two loving children clinging to you, “Tell us another story, Auntie Beth! Please?”

You usher the kids out of the kitchen and sneak a peek back and Evi. She gives you the most sinister smile you have ever seen, her apron covered in blood.

You can’t go through with this. You don’t care about the mission of finding out about the Red Sisters. You know they will die if you take them to the brothel, and you know they aren’t safe. You have to get them out.

You sneak out of town and leave a note for Hendrick in the dead drop. Then run back into town and wait.

A street urchin approaches as you wait in the town center by the fountain, and hands you a note before running off.

Catacombs, sewer entrance, near Aqium headquarters in merchant district. Down the ladder, left, left, right. Wait there. Help is on the way. HZ

You race back to the estate and grab Emily and Todrick and take them on a field trip into town. You pass right by Evi who nods with sickening delight as you leave. The sewer entrance is just a few blocks from the brothel so if you were watched they would think everything was going as planned. You spot a lone minotaur patrolling the streets around the Aqium headquarters.

“Hey kids, you wanna play a game? How sneaky can you be? I bet we could slip past this guy without him noticing, what do you say?”

The kids love you and were completely in on this idea. You successfully crossed the street but Emily let out a squeal of laughter. You poked your head back to see. The minotaur heard it and stopped, but didn’t approach. Behind him you see two Aqium Wizards moving a zombie into the main building. Hmm, that’s weird.

You open up the sewers and get the kids down the ladder, and you follow the directions to the spot. High up on a ledge you find a good place to hold out. The kids no longer think they are playing a game and are starting to get worried. Infiltrate

You just hope that help arrives soon.


Operations Officer
Corvus Septum

Operation Zatha

A Message from Hendrick Zin:

Catacombs, sewer entrance near Goblin Zappers Store. Down ladder, left, left, right. Wait there. Help is on the way, should arrive before dawn. Hang tight.


Operations Officer
Corvus Septum
Battle of Anavio

Zatha is now 100% under Aqium control so it would be in your best interest to avoid resupplying in town.

There is a small village, Hopewell Port, just inside the Dreq Marsh that can be reached via the Cobalt River, that is sympathetic to our efforts. Speak to the owner of Engram’s Emporium.

In Anavio you can get good prices at The Dragon Aspect. Also, in the nearby Dreq Marsh, there is a good deal of Kilela Fruit that can be found here.

Operations Officer

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