Pillar (Blue)

Blue Pillars work as a different series of teleportation portals that link together with other Blue Pillars. They were originally discovered back in the 1st Era by the Red Hawk Tribe and bestowed to them the Staff of Kree-e-ar, a clan relic. During the 2nd Era, three more pillars were found in Brind-Amor. In the 3rd Era, a Blue Pillar was discovered on Geargrind Island of the Styrc Isles.

Red Pillars were first heard of as part of the Skyland Objects recovered from Skyland. In a drawing, a blue pillar is next to a red pillar.

Later, during the 3rd Era, the crew of the Sea Word met a gnome in the town of Binable, who was the foremost expert on pillar technology for the Decius Empire before he retired here.

All blue and red pillars are powered by Jewels of the Pillar.



Session #22 (4th Era) Corvus Septum Discovered another Blue Pillar within the Blue Gateway Inn on Dunbar Island.

Pillar (Blue)

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