Pillar (Red)

Red Pillars work as a different series of teleportation portals that link together with other Red Pillars. They work just like Blue Pillars but are more prominent in different areas of the world. So far, Blue Pillars are only known to be in Brind-Amor and the Styrc Isles while Decius is known to hold a good deal of Red Pillars, thanks to Wilhik Rovelcast for this information.

Red Pillars are powered by Jewels of the Pillar, just like the blue pillars.



  • Cerioth Pillar (extinct volcano in mountains of northwestern Decius) rumored to lead to a place called The Citadel. Currently unpowered.

Session #15 (3rd Era) – The crew of the Sea Word infiltrated and shut down operations of the Cerioth Pillar dragon egg hatchery. Triton managed to reach the pillar and removed the Jewel of the Pillar before anyone could run for help.

Pillar (Red)

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