Prewth Island

The largest island in the Styrc Isle, Prewth is dominated by the mostly dormant volcano Mount Vraalt, directly in the center of this island. Because of this a number of trees and bushes are only found on this island in this area of the world, which would include Cottonwood Trees.

Prewth is a frontier land, boasting only one major settlement, Oallhelm which is a mix of human, gnomes, and a scattering of other races. The rest of the island belongs to the wild. Seven years ago the United Pride traveled here to secure samples of the flora for the gnomes of Geargrind Island.


Session #9 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word traveled here in search of cottonwood trees for Engineer Glinwhiz. While here they helped the town of Oallhelm after a goblin raid, climbed a treacherous waterfall, and eradicated a mix of humans and kuo-toa’s from a cave on the western side of the island.

Prewth Island

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