Quartermaster Yi - Idle Thoughts

This is a list of things keep you up at night or things you want to look into: Newest stuff in italics.

The Arisen – Who are The Arisen exactly and what is their purpose? Are they fighting against the Empire on behalf of the dragonborn? Are they liberated dragonborn? Could they be a ruse by the Galerius Brotherhood? Now you are hearing that they have been in contact with Quinvalur? And they want you to steal the Crown of Shadows from within The Citadel?

Dark Phoenix – Who is this Dark Phoenix person? Why are they helping us? Is he/she part of the Arisen? How did they come across their knowledge of the missing crewmen of the United Pride? Dark Phoenix has spoken to Quinvalur through his Ring of Sending and asked for help, how is this possible?

United Pride II – While things are going well on the Sea Word, it might be beneficial to have a second ship. You heard talk from the crew of the Sea Word that the former Tempest Swarm ship, The Blacksail, was handed over to the gnomes of Geargrind Island. Perhaps we could take that and double or fleet?

Mysterious Compass – Why does it point west of Decius. Most believed it to be a normal compass (one of the Skyland Objects) as it pointed north from Brind-Amor. Where does it lead?

Arethrion Elves – What role do the snow elves play in our effects to liberate the dragonborn? They have mentioned how they refuse the Empire and don’t want to end up like them, could they be a possible ally?

Emperor Gavenius – It was odd how the Emperor reacted towards us after and during the King of the Hill Tournament. He seemed…pleased? Impressed? What is his motivation? Where did he come up with that captured Scourge? Why did he pit it against us?

The Citadel – This is where the dragoneggs were being taken as they were deemed ready in the Cerioth Hatchery Facility. What is The Citadel and where is it? What is it’s purpose? Through Dark Phoenix and The Arisen you now know the location of the Brotherhood Fortress, and you are being asked to infiltrate it and recover an artifact?

Kimerth – What do we do with this dragon, and her eggs, that we recovered from the Cerioth Hatchery? Could she be an ally? Should she be set free? She lived in a dormant volcano, and you’ve heard there is another one on Prewth, should we sail her back there?

Aqium – Who are they exactly, and where is Aqium? All we know of is their wizards, but what of their motivations? Do they control the Emperor? Aid him? Advise him?

Drakor Orb – You remember hearing about the Drakor Orb as being on of the object later found on Skyland. What does it do and could it have a bearing on your current situation?

Ghoul Emperor – Going over the ship log of the Sea Word there was mention of a Ghoul Emperor. Who or what is that?

Ironclad 351/Nertherford Radio – Two more mysteries from the Battle of Geargrind Island, a ship referred to as Ironclad 351 and a base referred to as Netherford. What are these things? Why did they sink only one Tempest Swarm ship?

Plight of Tinesia – What ever happened to the arcane researcher from Skyland, Tinesia? Where did she teleport to through the Blue Pillar, who took her and why did they power off their Pillar?

Chancellor Cassius He was going to oversee the execution of the Arethrion Elves in Savarius, but the crew of the Sea Word broke them out for he arrived. Could he come after us? He has now been killed as he tried to ambush you in Scalaycium. How far did his influence go? Will the rest of the Brotherhood be on the lookout for you?

Iron Flask – We have this magical item and in it is the trapped Scourge from the King of the Hill Tournament. What do we do with it? And what happens when the hour is up?

Quartermaster Yi - Idle Thoughts

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