Queen Seera

Queen Seera was born in captivity near the end of the rule of the Decius Empire. She displayed great promise as a warrior and was moved to The Citadel at a young age. Her training was cut short as the Empire fell and she threw in with a young Vicrik Emm, who saw the opportunity for sovereignty and rallied the other dragonborn warriors to his banner.

The two worked well together and the formation of the Alimlar Domain happened quickly, most of this thanks to the timing of events in the aftermath of the Empire. King Vicrik had a knack of being able to balance the different and unique factions with the domain, paying attention to each but never showing favoritism to anyone.

However, things slowly started to wane. Threats to the domain went ignored, upstanding citizens were mysteriously jailed and questionable judgements came down from the King. Seera saw that a secret investigaton had to happen, and when she found that King Vicrik was in collusion with Aqium, she was forced to act. Seera gathered her most trusted allies and swept into the throne room and removed Vicrik from power.

Since then, times have been tough. Like how Alimlar rose to statehood during a vacuum of power, factions of Alimlar saw the same opportunity as Seera took power. Each pulled the new queen in different directions which has threatened the stability of the domain.


Session #24 (4th Era) – Corvus Septum met with Queen Seera and her advisors in the War Room as they prepared for the defense of Anavio with the Legion of Aqium setting up camp and preparing for a siege. Upon seeing Waverly, Queen Seera had a strong reaction to her:

This brave person turned in her sister when it was discovered that Wynonna and the Light of Sun and Moon plotted against me to restore Vicrik to the throne. The rest of you can all take note, this is what bravery and dedication looks like.

Queen Seera gave them a couple of quests that would help the defense, one that included a negotiation with Chief Shutth, as well as retrieving the Staff of Dragons.

Session #26 (3rd Era) – Queen Seera thanked Corvus Septum for helping to win the Battle of Anavio. She rewarded them with white infusing stones and doses of residium.

Queen Seera

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