Quinvalur - Research Papers

Being the foremost arcane expert on the Sea Word plus not having a defined role on the ship has left you with a lot of idle time, which you have used towards research.

Through your studies at the Arcane Academy back in Brind-Amor you’ve picked up where you left off, working on a Ring of Sending. It is an arcane based ring used for communication across vast distances. It is usually paired with another ring so that the two wearers can communicate. With only one ring it is useless. Almost.

While concentrating you are able to scan the wavelengths for voices, trying to see if anyone can connect with you. Sometimes you enter the minds of a random person. You briefly connected with a fisherman on Minos Island, a gnome clerk back on Geargrind Island, and a little girl living in the streets of Centum Treyopolis.

All of these encounters have been very brief and for the most part you’ve only been able to pick up surface thoughts. There was that one time you heard a voice say, “I’m coming for you.” But you have convinced yourself that it must have been directed at someone else.

Then one day someone was able to communicate back to you, a person that had been trying contact you. The person was called Dark Phoenix and they are a group known as The Arisen. They are a secret organization of rebels that try to work against the Empire, inspired by the actions of The Righteous.

Apparently your group is The Righteous.

You ask Dark Phoenix if your group is being hunted by the Galerius Brotherhood. Before he died, did Chancellor Cassius alert the rest of the Empire that your group was to be arrested? Dark Phoenix said not yet. But word of you and your deeds are beginning to circulate through the Empire and soon your days will be numbered.

But Dark Phoenix has even more troubling news for you. Recently the Empire has recovered a long-lost artifact known as the Crown of Shadows. A crown with which to control the undead. If the Empire were to use this item, then all hope of a rebellion would be lost as the Empire could raise an army of unthinkable numbers.

Dark Phoenix contends that you are their only hope. You must steal the artifact from the Empire and we can figure out a way to destroy it.

You pass this information along to Captain Ravenclaw and he asks for more details on how this can get done. Dark Phoenix has a plan.

The Crown is kept at The Citadel, the most heavily protected and defensed fortress in the known world. On a small island just across from the Citadel is a town called Mevahtay. The mayor is sympathetic to our cause, speak the phrase, I’m looking for the Silver Wand Inn. He will show you the way. The Crown is located behind a set of demon-shaped doors.

Dark Phoenix explains that if you don’t do this, the end of days is coming for The Righteous and The Arisen.

Quinvalur - Research Papers

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