Rand is a childhood friend of members of the Champions of Elon. While the champions were all tabbed as Touched by Ao at a young age, Rand was not. He was very smart but not quite to the levels needed to be either Blessed or Enchanted.

Rand, however, is a good and dependable friend who would come to the aid of someone he cared about in a moments notice.


Session 2 (2nd Era) – Recently Rand, like many other Elonians who are not destined for a special future, did a stint at the Hawk’s Perch where he spotted something sticking out of the water to the northeast of Attlica Bay. He mentioned it to his friends at the Test of Reshk. Shortly after that Baron Sekolah allowed the Champions to sail out of the bay in a side mission for him and while they were out they investigated the Shipwreck and discovered many a mystery as far as what the world is and has to offer.

The discovery of the shipwreck and its contents opened a new, non-isolationist ideal for the people of Elon and five years after its discovery, the Elonians launched the Chaytan, commanded by the Champions, to explore the new world.

Rand would go with them on this voyage and would have a river named after him, called Rand’s Folly River, which led to the Halfling village of Odenburg.

Session #5 (2nd Era) – Rand was part of the group who explored Skyland briefly before it took off again. Just before it did, Rand agreed to stay behind and explore further while the Jewel of the Pillar was left in to power the Skyland Pillar.

Session #6 & 7 (2nd Era) – About this time Rand was in the middle of a six-month stint of living by himself in Skyland where he explored as much of the land as he could. After the war the Jayt Valley Pillar was powered up and members of the House of Scribe and the Galadinthar Elves traveled to Skyland to explore and relieve Rand of his duties.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – Years later when the Brind-Amor Confederacy was founded, Rand was elected the first Lord of Brind-Amor and was instrumental in providing unity amongst the good people of the land.


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