Located northwest of the Galadinthar Forest and southeast of the Kainin Mountains, Rothia was the eventual permanent home of the Eagle’s Talon Clan as they escaped the mountain from the Doombringer Orcs.

Over the decades, and more so in the last few years, the Rothians and the Galadinthar Elves have grown from tolerance to acceptance in their relationship with each other. The highlight of this was when the two leaders, Takkar of Rothia and Selussa Alealyth of the Galadinthar Elves, fell in love with each other.


Session #4 – The Champions of Elon, while never traveled to Rothia, did rescue Takkar from the green dragons Tiemeth and Mersoth at the behest of Selussa.


Session #6 & 7 (2nd Era) – They fought with the other Coalition Forces in the Battle of Nigrum-Ursus.

Transition from 2nd to 3rd Era – The village of Rothia has grown a good deal, becoming the 3rd biggest town in all of Brind-Amor behind Elon and Nigrum-Ursus. They are still ruled by a chieftain and they still enjoy a great relationship with the Galadinthar Elves. So strong is this that all half-elves in Brind-Amor are from Rothia, although many of them spend more time with their elven parents. Either side, the humans or elves, will rush to the defense of the other without hesitation.


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