Generally regarded as a lunatic, Scatterbrain lives in the town of Mittlewin on Geargrind Island. He has been crazy for so long that no one knows his real name. Occasionally he mumbles about his days on transport ships between Aquim and Decius.


The Styrc Isles – Session #10 – The senior officers of the Sea Word ran into him and overheard a number of strange things come out of his mouth.

  • There is no life after death, only the Scourge!
  • They are going to come for you, and you, and most definitely you!
  • No place is safe, no one is safe, the Scourge see everything!
  • Ao is the Scourge!

At about this time the guards had had enough and told him to settle down. Scatterbrain mumbled about being a quiet as a mouse and wandered off.


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