Seven Artifacts

At some time during the Third Era, scholars from both Decius and Aqium discovered ancient text on top of a floating island similar to Skyland found in Brind-Amor. The text referred to mention of the Seven Artifacts. These artifacts are powerful relics that have survived throughout time, that could rule the known world. The Arch Mage, later known as Astriminar, took particular interest in this revelation.

Some scholars believe that these artifacts are tied in with the powerful magic items that are related to the Pillars. Not all of these magic items are artifacts, but some of them did come from Pillars.

Known artifacts at the start of the Fourth Era include:

Last Rites
Crown of Shadows
Wand of Death
Robes of the Fallen – destroyed

The other three are unknown, but are listed on that ancient text perhaps with clues about their locations. Astriminar the Lich has the list as well as the three known artifacts.


Session #17 (3rd Era) – Operating on a tip from The Arisen, the Senior Officers of the Sea Word were able to infiltrate The Citadel from help from Nick Netherford to steal the Crown of Shadows as well as the Quiet Fury.

Also during this time the heroes briefly visited the island known as The Rage and discovered that the strange compass points directly to a sturdy wooden chest strapped around the neck of the tarrasque that lives there. Many speculate that one of the Seven Artifacts is within that chest, but none dare to retrieve it.

Session #21 (3rd Era) – At the end of the Fortress of the Ur Mage, the heroes briefly saw the Wand of Death sitting on top a pile of gold and magic items that eventually turned into another form of the Ur Mage, the chassis.

During the fight between Emperor Gavenius and Astriminar the Lich (formerly the Arch Mage), the heroes saw the Lich take Last Rites from the wounded Emperor and killed him with his own longsword. Astriminar vanished shortly after gaining possession of the artifact.

Session #26 (3rd Era) – Astriminar nearly gained possession of the Robes of the Fallen in the ruins of Durn Khete-Tymir, but Corvus Septum stepped in and stole them before they could be transferred.

Session #28 (4th Era) – Corvus Septum managed to destroy the Robes of the Fallen in an elaborate ritual. Morthos believes he can use the remains of the Robes to possibly create a new artifact.

Seven Artifacts

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