Skyland Objects

While the Champions of Elon were on the Skyland for a very short time, they found a great deal of treasure and items in that span. Everything they found was other worldly, and while they have seen similar items before, everything here thousands of years old.


Session #5 (2nd Era) – Items found:

Theren Strongbow – Tudor Houses
• A petrified mouse – perfectly preserved
• An understanding of architecture – a book detailing construction of complex buildings
• A brass orb etches with strange runes – in an unknown language
• A small idol depicting a nightmarish creature – later found to give unsettling dreams when slept next to
• A suit of +1 chain shirt – unknown origin
Book of Beasts
• A small mechanical crab that moves about when it is not observed – not harmful, curious
• Divine scrolls of Enhance Ability (2nd), Water Walk (3rd), Control Water (3rd)

Illyria – Marketplace and Guard Towers
• A set of scales that balances value between goods and coin – arcane in nature
• A tiny cage with no door – unknown item
• A gold coin minted in a far off land – depicts a helmed warrior on one side and a tower on the other
• Arcane Scroll: Dispel Magic (3rd), Fire Shield (4th), Geas (5th)
• Knowledge of winches and pulleys – brief book explaining these practices
• The fact that no one has lived here in 1000 years – derived by exploring
• A collection of halbreds and glaives – weapons never seen before
• Navigator tools – would later become essential in the 3rd Era

Cil – Grey House and Towers
Field Notes of Vadix Aquillius – unknown writer of a past era, details random notes on the world
• Details on how to remove and replace infusing stones – a how to book, arcane in nature
• A glass orb filled with moving smoke – unknown
• A silver key of unknown origins on a leather chord – unknown
• A small doll that brings back fond memories when held – strange that it is not arcane in nature
White Infusing Stone – seen before, but still rare
Greatsword of Ao – Massive sword used by a powerful general in a time forgotten

Doakiln – Towers
• A glass bottle with a galleon in it, floating on water – would later give the House of Scribe enough information to build a real galleon
• A wooden cane that when placed on the ground stands perfect straight – arcane, will not tip over even in high winds
• A spyglass – later used in 3rd Era
• A compass that points north by northeast – arcane, but probably does not point north, more likely it points to a destination
• 100 platinum pieces – unknown origin, depicts the sun on one side and roman numerals on the other
• Enough equipment to start an alchemical brewery – mortar and pestle of various sizes, along with beakers and flasks
• A 6-inch diameter gear made of copper – unknown origin or function, non-arcane
• Jewel of the Pillar – known use, this one was plugged into the Skyland Pillar
• A Platinum Crown – Also unknown origin, and non magical

Skyland Objects

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