Soaring Waves

The Soaring Waves is one of many pirate ships that belong to the Tempest Swarm that sails around the Styrc Isles. The ship is commanded by Chaza, a kenku, was has plagued the good people of these islands for some time.


Session #8 (3rd Era) – Recently the Soaring Waves sunk a gnomish ship seeking research on what would be come to be known as Ao’s Well. They captured Elze Crinkletoes and had plans to ransom her back to gnomes of Geargrind Island. As they waited on their camp for the Soaring Waves to return they were attacked by the crew of the Sea Word and killed. Elza was rescued and taken back to Geargrind Island. The Soaring Waves intercepted them and was disabled by the Sea Word who took the last six crewmen as prisoners back with them.

Session #9 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word crew interrogated the captured pirates before turning them over to the gnomes of Geargrind Island. They learned that they are led by a man named Kaithor Blacksail, there are seven pirate ships in the Styrc Isles, and they have hideouts in Jagged Isle and Razorspine Isle, and Ao’s Well.

Soaring Waves

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