Sorceress Nazala

Sorceress Nazla leads the program for those that are born Enchanted, helping them hone their skills in sorcery. She selects who should study at The Pillar and when that time comes. She guides them through the troubled waters of the arcane sphere as best she can.

Ironically, Nazla was not born enchanted. She was the daughter of fisherman in Leroso with no obvious skills in the arcane magics. However, no one knew of her thirst for knowledge. When she would travel with her parents to Elon, she would spend her entire time at the House of Scribe, pouring over any and all books dealing with sorcery. Some believe that learning arcane magics this way, instead of being born with it, helped give her a better underlying understanding of it and makes her a better instructor than anyone else.

Currently she splits her time between Elon and The Pillar, always teaching those who strive to learn more.


Sorceress Nazala

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