Spirit of the Hawk

The Spirit of the Hawk is a faction of like-minded people of Elon. Some think that they are just adhering to the old ways and traditions of the Red Hawk Tribe, while others see them honoring the past while looking towards the future.

The Spirit of the Hawk is a training ground for those that are born blessed, those who are in touch with nature, and those who can operate on their own. Unlike the rigidness of the Elon Devout, the Spirit of the Hawk promote individualism and free thinking. High Druid Ramses oversees this group and guides it towards the future.

The most notable action the Spirit of the Hawk performed was 20 years ago when a collaborative attack from the Doombringer Orcs and the Black Bear Clan stole the sacred relic known as the Staff of Kree-e-ar from the High Druid. The Spirit of the Hawk was able to mobilize quickly and using their tracking skills, they were able to catch the Black Bear Clan thieves before they got more than a dozen miles outside of Elon and retrieved the Staff.

Members of the Elon Devout were angered by this. They had just valiantly defended the village against the orcs when they learned the staff was gone. As they gathered supplies to head out after them, the Spirit of the Hawk triumphantly returned to Elon with the Staff held high. This began the rivalry between the two factions.

Today the Spirit of the Hawk train those who wish to be druids, shaman, rangers, and rogues.


Spirit of the Hawk

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