Stator Mines

Literally the only thing in the Styth Mountains town of Stator are the mines which they are named after. The town and the mines were founded long ago by a dwarf explorer, Statoram Gembright who was looking for gold. Instead what he found was one of the largest deposits of iron ore in all of Decius. Statoram founded the Statoram Mining Company and paid handsomely to anyone who would trek to this remote and desolate town for work.

Today the Stator Mines provide a good deal of raw iron ore for the war effort here in the Alimlar Domain.



Session #26 (3rd Era) Corvus Septum traveled to this mountain town and followed the Legion of Aqium into the mines where they ended up confronting them in the ruins of Durn Khete-Tymir. Two days later they returned to recuperate and recover while they waiting reply back from Chancellor Gavin.

Stator Mines

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