Styrc Isles

A chain of islands in the Great Sea. The most notable are Geargrind Island and the volcanic island of Prewth. The pirates known as the Tempest Swarm dominate the waterways around these islands.


Session #8 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word sailed across the Great Sea from Brind-Amor to these islands and first landed in Geargrind Island and then Ao’s Well shortly after that. They had been following a seven-year old trail left by their predecessor, the United Pride.

Session #9 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word returned to Filbiklink for repairs before it departed for Prewth Island for cottonwoods trees. Also, Captain Jaffe and crew were able to recover a map of the Styrc Isles off the Soaring Waves before it sank.


Session #10 (3rd Era) – While infiltrating the Tempest Swarm base on Jagged Isle, the crew learned that the Tempest Swarm are actually controlled by on organization called the Galerius Brotherhood which seems to be in the Decius Empire.

Session #11 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word, having arrived in Nightrock, have now been to every island of the Styrc Isles.

Session #12 (3rd Era) – The Sea Word won the Battle of Geargrind Island and thus eradicated the Tempest Swarm presence from the isles. Shortly after this they set sail for the Decius Empire.

Styrc Isles

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