A young and strong warrior, Takker is the leader of what once was the Eagle’s Talon Clan the fled the Kainin Mountains during the 1st Era, and now live in the town of Rothia just to the northwest of the Galadinthar Forest.

While relations with the Galadinthar Elves has improved over the decades, it wasn’t until the last few years that it has blossomed. Takker and Selussa Alealyth, leader of the Galadinthar Elves, fell in love when they first met and their love grew when the both discovered each other’s talents in singing. And it was their undisputed voices that helped ease what tensions might have been between the two races. Both elves and humans saw it, and believe in it.

The elves and humans weren’t the only ones that loved their singing. The green dragons, Tiemeth and Mersoth were drawn to them as well and they wanted to enslave them to sing for them whenever they desired. As the dragons swooped in, Takkar pushed Selussa out of the way, preventing the dragons from snatching her up as well.


Session #4 – A distraught Selussa was determined to do whatever it took to get her lover back. Using a mix of her arcane abilities and her voice, she called out to nearby heroes to aid her in a daring rescue attempt. The Champions of Elon heard the voice and answered the call, helping her defeat the dragons once and for all and saving Takkar in the process.


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